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We aim to help licensed cat breeders and teach the cat owner more about Ragdoll Cats

Ragdoll Cat UK is a pet service website of Cherish Lewis LTD, where you can discuss topics about Ragdoll cats in the forum and learn things about Ragdoll cats regularly.  We only promote council licensed cat breeders and trustworthy cats relating businesses. 

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Our Story

There are hundreds of ragdoll cat breeders in the UK, and most of them are unlicensed by the local council.


When people go online to buy a cat or kitten, they might not know how to look after them, and if the kitten did not look after well, or the original underline problem.


They might get ill, and then people have to spend thousands of pounds on the vet bills.


That is why we are creating this website, helping people easily to found local council licensed cat breeders and learn more about ragdoll cats.


Our forum is welcome everyone who wants to discuss or ask questions about ragdoll cats. 

We are here for you!

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